Slackware packages made easy

Made an easy-to-read list using this page: here.

Note: The handy ruler line in slack-desc should be aligned with the colon! I couldn’t get WordPress to format it right.

  1. first, make a tmp directory. This will be used later.
  2. Extract the tarball of whatever source you’re making as a package.
  3. cd to that source directory and do ./configure
  4. make
  5. make install DESTDIR=/home/slacker/source/tmp
  6. cd to tmp
  7. mkdir install
  8. create install/slack-desc (see Slack-wiki)
  9. cat install/slack-desc to make sure nothing overflows
  10. makepkg ../vim-73.txz
  11. answer yes
  12. installpkg vim-73.txz
  13. Woohoo!

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